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ACTIVENet’s online and in-person registration allows your community to conveniently access your programs, activities, classes, and more from anywhere, anytime. Using an intuitive website and program listings customized for your organization, you will see an increase in participation and find filling activities easier than ever.

Offer and manage registration, configure pricing, build waitlists, communicate with participants, and run camp and activity sessions, all with one flexible system. Whether you’re putting on a fitness class, scheduling seasonal swim lessons, or hosting a recreational sports league, ACTIVENet provides the tools you need to be successful.

  • Create priority registration windows for returning customers
  • Set up multi-person discounts for families registering more than one child
  • Manage waitlists and create priority registration options
  • Reduce cash handling and receipt errors
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  • Drop-in registrations to accommodate last-minute participants
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Facility Booking
Facility Operations
Lockers and Equipment


Your time is better spent engaging your community than filling out and approving reservation requests. Facility Reservation allows customers to schedule courts, meeting rooms, picnic shelters, gyms, lockers, equipment and more. Simplify scheduling with an easy online reservation experience that includes an interactive, custom map and real-time calendar updates.

  • Offer online reservations to your community, including waiver and permit management
  • Find resource availability by name, type and location and more
  • Complete a new reservation in 3 simple steps
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Easily manage bookings at any facility with advanced capabilities to support your growing department needs. Not only will your staff enjoy clear information on existing bookings and be able to make critical updates or create new reservations, you’ll have access to a wealth of insights on facility usage rates to maximize your revenue.

  • Set pricing, waivers, and facility attributes to display
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  • Manage complex tasks such as overnight bookings and conflict resolution
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ACTIVENet’s rental and lending software helps you run an efficient facility. It all adds up to better control and an improved experience for your community and staff.

Customize your locker room and generate additional revenue with an enhanced online experience including a graphical locker room interface.

Save time recovering equipment and assigning damage fees with a fully-integrated system that includes inventory, reports and membership integration.

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Recreation center membership is an important and complex part of your operation. Manage all aspects of your member base through one, web-based software system and save crucial hours for your staff. With all your data and tools in our software for parks and recreation management, your staff can focus on the vision rather than paperwork.

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  • Automate recurring billing and member account management online
  • Track all member data, notes, history and more
  • Use data-driven insights to engage with targeted messages
  • Integrated access control at entry access points and via our Connect app
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“We’ve reduced a lot of paper. Between registration and equipment check out, we had a lot. Now we don’t have any of that.”

Todd Hammonds, Facility Center Supervisor


The ability to communicate with targeted segments of your community is critical for retention and to build your programs and activities. That’s why we made sure you can easily engage with your base though ACTIVENet. Save costs and headaches associated with third party tools while growing revenue by utilizing the functionality included with your ACTIVENet software.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Active Network is committed to helping our users understand the rights and obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 25, 2018. We have introduced tools and processes to ensure our compliance with requirements imposed by the GDPR and to help our customers comply as well.

  • Create highly targeted lists based on customer demographics and activity history
  • Send emails and texts directly from ACTIVENet
  • Offer online donations and fundraising, including campaign dashboards
  • Encourage social sharing with buttons built into registration
  • Expand your reach with programs listed on and
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Delight parents with online and in-person registration options, calendars, flexible payment plans, auto-pay and easy, secure consumer access to vital information all in real-time. Free up staff from spending hours behind the desk and enable them to perform administrative duties while engaging with your community in person. Happier staff. Happier parents. Happier kids.

  • Perform check-in/check-out functionality from your mobile devices
  • Improve security with on-hand emergency medical and pick-up information
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  • Engage with customers in the app
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Reporting & Analytics

Accurate reporting and data-driven decisions are at the core of the ACTIVENet product. Access the intelligent data insights you need to make key departmental decisions with interactive and intuitive reports. Get the full picture of each participant and member with data on what classes they take to when they use child care and how much they’ve donated.

  • Key standard reports designed for parks and recreation
  • Customize reporting for your specific needs in the ACTIVENet Insights business intelligence tool
  • Gain visibility into all aspects of your department, from community engagement to facility rental trends
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ACTIVENet Connect App

Operating various facilities and programs from one central location creates bottlenecks and restricts your ability to manage your programs efficiently. Your staff needs a way to access core functionality from anywhere in the facility. This frees them up to engage with customers both in-person and through app messaging. Seamlessly integrated with ACTIVENet, our iOS mobile app, ACTIVENet Connect, puts important information at your fingertips so you can stay on the go and involved with your community in real time. ACTIVENet Connect integrates with ACTIVENet data, including Activities, Programs, Child Care and Child Watch.

Key features include:

  • Activity check-in/check-out
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Audit and reporting capabilities
  • Attendance tracking
  • Membership validation
  • Account creation
  • Activity enrollment (coming soon)
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Security and Stability

Security breaches, back up failures and software downtime can be a thing of the past. ACTIVE Network maintains the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry’s best availability and security. Our state-of-the-art data centers, application infrastructure, and team of highly-skilled, highly-trained technology professionals set us apart from the competition. We promise your data will always be there when you need it. It will always be safe and secure.

shadowrocket ios使用

Secure payment processing is at the heart of all ACTIVE Network products. Our business is independently assessed for compliance to various security standards. In addition to the mandatory PCI compliance audit, we hold a current Level 1 Payment Processor Certification for all payment processing.

Level 1 certification involves undergoing rigorous third-party assessments and testing for over 200 controls. Our PCI compliance level covers everything from network security, to application security, to background screening of our employees. When we store your financial data, we take on the burden of PCI requirements for you, eliminating the pain of compliance in cost, time, and other resources.

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Data Management

Our state-of-the-art Tier 5 data center provides a redundant cloud setting supported by highly-skilled technology professionals. As with all ACTIVE Network products, our data center provides our customers with a high degree of reliability, protection and scalability.

  • 100% uptime facility guarantee
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 365 vulnerability and penetration testing
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Security and Privacy

We take security seriously here at Active Network, and we are proud to exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organization. Your data security and performance are important to us. Our business is independently assessed for compliance to various security standards.


Point of Sale

突破国区/ID限制 自建iOS APP在线安装页面 - Hello World:2021-7-10 · 准备工作 提取需要分享的iOS APP iOS的APP为.ipa格式,我们需要将其提取,供用户下载,在这里我推荐一个最为简单且来自官方的.ipa文件提取方式。iTunes是最后一个依旧支持App管理的版本(点击下载

  • Set up new accounts on demand
  • Improve customer service and track purchases
  • Customizable to meet your POS interface needs
  • Reduced cash handling errors
  • Shadowrocket - 在线安装:2021-3-9 · Shadowrocket
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API Integrations

ACTIVENet Gateway API Services streamline your community’s user experience by facilitating seamless interconnectivity across your technology ecosystem. Put simply, it allows you to automatically connect your ACTIVENet data to the technology and software you use most.

  • Gain real-time business insights to make informed decisions
  • Reduce data entry errors
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Town of Saugeen Shores

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Developing Strong Programs

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